Nadia Louw

Nadia Louw, born and bred in Cape Town, started singing at the age of 17, she attended a music school for lessons and appeared on stage in the first week in a local singing competition. It was the beginning of a long and interesting path for the RED DIVA with a heart that just wants to sing !!!!
Nadia won one competition after the other and in July 2000, this girl participated in the World Wide Championships or Performing Arts in Los Angeles where she scored third in the original music category. Artists from 48 countries participated.

Back in South Africa Nadia started working on her first album and with her parents’ help, the first album, “From ’n girl to a woman” was recorded.

In 2003 Nadia performed for 8 months in Gold Reef City’s Globe Theater as part of Richard Loring’s production – The Great Pretenders. Here she made herself a name and appeared in a number of television programs and media publications. Nadia also obtained further advanced vocational training at Delycia School of Music.

Nadia has become more and more active at festivals, shows and corporate functions, and soon became a familiar face among our country’s top artists. She also recorded numerous songs on Compilation albums like Langarm Sokkie Treffers 7, Gatswaai Treffers and Kookwater Treffers Volume 2 and she will be at the Funderland Family Festival this April!
Maak seker jy hou hierdie ROOIKOP DIVA dop, sy is dalk klein maar verseker getrain!

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