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Pacific Gear Ltd is a solutions, an IT management services company with Global Gear Tech (PTY) Ltd as the official and exclusive South African Partner and  by leveraging our ability with international partners our solutions offer the latest proven technologies. Our services vary from onsite management, (certified technicians) with remote management, and proactive monitoring including secured backup services of your entire network and all associated devices (ios or android) to design, development and supply of network environments and commissioning of infrastructure world-wide. Managing these costs, and ensuring a Return on Investment we are able to guarantee a consistent approach of service quality and reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Whether your company/institution has one office or multiple offices or branches worldwide we can centrally manage your IT infrastructure and deploy solutions on the back end of our managed services. This shall improve productivity and performance across your operations, and with our international associates offering converged data and telecom enterprise solutions reduce your operational costs without negating on quality of service. Our developed Managed Services protocol allows for a centralised on hand managed service for all your devices* even when you have multiple suppliers, thereby reducing call out costs and enhancing your network environments uptime! (* printers, copiers, point of sale systems etc)Global Gear Teach is a specialised IT Solutions company focussed on bespoke solutions to corporate clients.

These solutions include:


VOIP and Data Connecting

Software Development

Network Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Biometric Face and Finger Print Systems

Secure Access Control Systems (as provided to Funderland nationally)

We are direct sponsors with the WCT “We Can Together” Foundation aimed at various social development programs including robotics education.

The RTS (Robotics to Schools is a program allowing children to build interactive robots and learn coding to make their robots operate.

We believe that allowing the broader society of children to engage in robotics will assist in developing a future skill set that can be built upon.

Inter School drone racing and competitions allows for sustaining the costs of implementation while developing revenue streams for the partner school

Global Gear Tech (PTY) Ltd is the direct sponsors for the WCT “We Can Together” Foundation aimed at various social development programs including robotics education.

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