Date: 28 March 2018 – 07 April 2018

  • Do we issue refunds? No refunds will be issued.


  • On entering the Funderland venue, all attendees will be issued with a Funderland day pass.
  • Issued passes are not transferable, and must be placed around the neck before entering the Funderland venue.
  • For security reasons, the Funderland day pass must be openly displayed and hung from around the neck.
  • The Funderland day pass must be presented and handed in at the designated exit station on exiting the Funderland venue.
  • A penalty fee of R100.00 will be charged per lost card.
  • All facilities are used at own risk and management reserves the right to limit entry into the Funderland area and/or to evict any person, without refund, not abiding by the General Rules and other Notices.
  • Under no circumstances will management or the owners accept liability for any losses or damages sustained by any person howsoever arising.
  • Certain activities are subject to age, height and other, especially medically related restrictions. Please consult displayed Notices at such activity.
  • Performances, operating times, prices, availability of activities and other facilities are subject to change without notice or refunds at Management’s discretion.
  • No firearms or other dangerous objects are allowed into the Funderland area under any circumstances and any offenders will be prosecuted without exception.
  • No offensive behaviour whatsoever will be permitted at the Funderland event.
  • Please exercise caution around the Funderland venue and activities, as Management will not be held responsible for any incidents whatsoever.
  • No pets, roller blades, radios, or bicycles are allowed into the Funderland venue.
  • All children under 13 are permitted entry subject to a responsible adults supervision.
  • No advertising in any form by the Public in the venue is permitted.
  • Guests may not bring their own food or beverages into the venue.
  • All signage inside the venue is in English. If any instruction is unclear, please ask a Funderland representative for assistance.
  • Management will not tolerate any abuse towards staff, its suppliers or representatives.  Failure to comply will result in expulsion, without refund, from the venue.



Kindly Note for Your Safety and Enjoyment Please read the conditions of entry & event information at the main entrance. Funderland staff will be happy to assist you with any queries.

  1. Visitors under the age of 13 will only be permitted to leave the show with adult supervision which was linked to their name on arrival, as far as possible. Positive identification needs to be presented in event that a different parent/guardian picks a child up from the show. Safety registration can be done by guardians and parents 2 weeks prior to the show – online on to save time on entry.
  2. No Pets are allowed in the event.
  3. No weapons or dangerous objects are allowed in the event.
  4. No food or beverage is allowed to be brought in to the event.
  5. Footwear must be worn when entering the venue.
  6. Smoking, eating or drinking is not permitted on rides and activities.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the ride and activities queue lines.
  8. Guests may not leave the venue with alcoholic beverages.
  9. Film & / Photographic crews may be working in the venue. If you do not wish images of you or the minor children under your control to appear in any of this footage, please stay clear of these areas.
  10. Funderland Family Festival is a family festival; please help us maintain our high standards by ensuring that the event procedures are adhered to.
  11. Lost Children
    If a child is lost, immediately contact or speak to your nearest Funderland staff member or Security officer.
  12. Lost and Found Property
    Please report all lost and found items to your nearest Funderland staff member.
  13. Non-liability

Under no circumstances will Kidzexpo CC, management or hosts accept liability for any losses or damage sustained by any person howsoever arising.



Funderland Family Festival welcomes disabled, and assisted guests to the event.

However, we regret that due to our strict Health and Safety requirements, visitors with physical or mental disabilities may not make use of certain activities for their own safety. This policy is in line with stringent international safety standards around the world and has been put in place to ensure the safety of all our visitors since guests must have the physical strength and ability to safely evacuate from a ride or activity in case of an emergency.

Disabled guests are invited to enjoy many of the other attractions we have on offer.

Disabled and wheelchair guests are asked to contact/report to a Funderland Staff member on their arrival so that Funderland can assist them before they enter the park.


Funderland Family Festival is a family theme park and therefore must enforce its dress codes accordingly. Kidzexpo CC t/a Funderland reserves the right to exclude /and or expel visitors who wear clothing that could be deemed to be:

  • Clothing displaying offensive messages/language
  • Adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as a costume (children under age 10 are excluded)
  • Clothing made with offensive material (i.e. transparent)
  • Clothing which exposes inappropriate portions of the body such as string bikini tops, G-strings, bikini bottoms etc.