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The Magic arts is not just a hobby or gift, it’s a passion and community of like minded people sharing a talent, that only through connecting, can create new visions and for greater ideas to flow into creating incredible Magic and Mentalism effects.

Russell Fox – Magician Insane 

The M.I Movement 

When Russell Fox started his journey in the magic arts, he could not afford to buy magic, being most of the effects available were abroad and too pricey for him to purchase and bring into the country, but with the passion and love he has for the art, he took the time to make his own effects, this turned into a passion of its own and now this love has evolved and become a vision to provide quality magic and mentalism effects at affordable prices for South Africa.

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The Artists

Sebastiano Ola

Object manipulator and cardist who has traveled the world, Sebastiano Olla draws inspiration from his diverse background. The rich history of Rome, the modern pop-culture of Los Angeles and the ever-increasing magic of beautiful Cape Town are expressed in Sebastiano’s unique performances. His online reach is wide and his extended social media presence is matched only by his energetic stage presence. Audiences will be magnetically drawn in as Seb takes what you thought you knew about this centuries old art and turns it inside out – a new perspective for a new era.

The Dev

Devin, known as “The Dev” is a Magic and Illusion fun expert. his journey in the magic arts started in

Cape Town and very quickly took him abroad performing on incredible stages and international venues, 

But home is where his heart is and SA drew him right back to his roots and now he performs locally, giving his 

audiences plenty to smile and laugh about.

Mindless – Vlog Series

Not only will we have a limited addition Magic &  Mentalism set  with incredible but easy to do effects to help you get into magic affordably, we will also be running an online Vlog series Called – Mindless, so make sure you join the YouTube channel and join Russell Fox on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa and sometimes other countries as he takes the Magic and Mentalism of Magic Insane to the streets to excited, influence and inspire the magic arts in South Africa.

Watch all the effects of the Mindless Limited addition Magic & Mentalism set performed in actual real-life circumstance.