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Dough Babies

At Dough Babies, we aim to encourage children to have fun while learning by following our exciting educational programme, stimulating each little Baker’s imagination and improving multiple skills, a skill taught young is a skill carried throughout life and learning to cook or bake is one of the most important, yet often forgotten, skill that should be the first of many instilled in your child’s life from a young age.

Not only will your Little Chef be making yummy treats that are exciting, full of fun and nutritious throughout the lessons , they will be introduced to basic mathematical concepts, developing their vocabulary with interesting and new words or concepts fine and gross motor skills, sequencing skills, enhancing their memory capacity, building confidence, exploring their 5 senses, concentration and learning how to work together!

We also encourage our Little Chefs to try new foods and flavours, and they are often more willing to test and try out new tastes if they have been involved in the process of creating their dishes. We aim to promote listening Skills through following our instructions given and hand-eye coordination all in a fun-filled and stimulating environment. We believe in learning through play, (with a little bit of mess too!)We have trained instructors, our Head Chefs and the brains behind Dough Babies, Brittany & Dewald that are there to assist the little ones throughout the lesson, and ensuring that a great time is had by all!

We provide a full on-hands and practical approach to teaching children from the ages of 3 and up, the basic skills and knowledge to one day become our very own little Master Chefs and go out into the world and make us proud! You’ll never what culinary talents your Little Chef may be gifted with, so why send them to the right place to develop these skills.

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At Funderland, we believe children are our future. Thus, we are committed to bringing joy to our nation’s youth. Find out how you can help us achieve our goal.