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Sea Rescue is the charity that saves lives in South African waters, through EducationPrevention and Rescue. Donations and sponsorships cover our annual running cost of R80m.

Our technical experts, our auditors and our board of Directors are also all unpaid volunteers.

NSRI has an open book policy and our financial statements are available from the National State Library in Pretoria for your convenience.  A copy of our financial statements and/or Articles of Association are available on request.

A team of water safety instructors visit schools to teach children what to do in an emergency and give them the confidence to initiate basic bystander Hand-Only CPR while they wait for the ambulance to arrive. This project targets disadvantaged youth because statistically they are at risk.


Our Drowning Prevention strategy is to partner with other organisations to raise the profile of water safety in South Africa; this includes the media, local government, schools and other rescue organisations.

Interventions include Emergency Signage, Pink Flotation Buoys, NSRI Lifeguards and deploying additional personnel on beaches to proactively patrol and educate. We are affiliated with Lifesaving South Africa and established our first NSRI Lifeguard club at the end of 2017


We are an accredited training company specializing in Occupational Health and Safety. Established in 1986 in Kwa–Zulu Natal. We now operate nationally.


Employees are your most valuable asset. Health and safety training forms an essential part of an accident prevention and loss control programme. It is our objective to assist companies to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. Over the years we have assisted thousands of companies to maintain legal compliance and implement effective health and safety management programmes.


We have developed a number of training courses to empower both management and employees not only to understand current legislation but also to implement applicable legislation in their work environment. Additionally, our organization conducts OHS compliance surveys, where we provide a comprehensive report with recommendations in order to meet legal compliance.


It is important to select accredited training providers in order to ensure quality training (please see our accreditation page for details). We currently employ 25 registered and experienced assessors and moderators to meet your training needs. We have done work for many of the larger groups in South Africa in all fields of industry including manufacturing, forestry, fishing, construction, mining & retail.


It is our firm belief that you will benefit from our services. We have a proven track record. Please be assured of our total commitment to your company/organization.


The Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa (ODF) is a national non-profit and public benefit organisation established in 1988 to address the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa through awareness and education campaigns aimed at the public and medical professionals.

We actively plan and implement education and publicity programmes that are designed to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation with the aim being to prime individuals towards consent.

The ODF is not a medical organization and plays no role in the allocation, or procurement, of organs

The process is straightforward. Register online at www.odf.org.za or call the Organ Donor Foundation’s toll-free line on 0800 22 66 11. The Foundation will then send you a small organ donor card to fill in and carry in your wallet. The Foundation will also send you a sticker to put on your ID document and on your driver’s license. It is very important to discuss the decision with your family. Let them know that you want to donate your organs/tissue after death. Ask them to honour your wish when you die.

That Food Truck Company │Hospitality Specialists

For over 16 years, we have honed our skills in hospitality. Now, That Food Truck Company brings hospitality to you. We cater to personal or professional events, held at residential or corporate spaces, creating the perfect ambiance and cuisine for every occasion. Our dedicated and professional team comprises of expert chefs and restaurant professionals. The team’s meticulous planning and perfectionist sensibilities ensure a unique and memorable experience.

Jordy's Art - Air-brush tattoos

A self-employed woman who started her company 24 years ago. Yasmine started off by making savouries for small takeaways. Over the years the company expanded when she started her takeaways. She now caters to various companies and franchises such as OK Mini Mart, Cape Town Night Clubs, Fisheries. Very well known for her tasty savouries and homemade pies. They cater for functions big and small.




How important are our coffee drinking moments scattered across our day? We rest our happiness on them, and sometimes it feels like even our survival! So often, however, these meant-to-be sacred moments unhappily collide with butchered coffee made by uninspired or incompetent baristas. At Seattle we have worked hard to maintain the craft element of coffee. It is delicately preserved and nurtured as it journeys through the steps from bean to cup.

We have also put effort towards creating cafés and take-away kiosks that become urban refuges where you can escape, recalibrate and walk away strengthened to face another day in the city. We have trained our baristas to make your drinks just the way you like them – nipped, tucked and crafted to suit your individual taste. Our baristas are primed not just to satisfy our appetite for a great coffee, but for community and recognition as well. We hope that our slogan “the way you like it” isn’t just empty words, but sums up your whole experience in Seattle.

Footy’s introduces the following sugar, preservative and artificial free products. Our range includes a powder cool drink and ready to drink cool drinks.