Our Story


Keanu Moore, a 2-year-old boy from Brackenfell, was diagnosed with Stage 4, Neuroblastoma cancer in October 2017.

Oct 2017:  Keanu’s bone marrow shows a 65% infiltration of Neuroblastoma cells, he has 2 tumors and the count that measures cancer in his bones is at level 20. Doctors immediately started with chemotherapy.

Dec 2017:  After 4 sessions of Chemo, Keanu’s bone marrow is miraculously clean and the count that measures cancer in his bones, dropped to 4.

Feb2018 : Round 1 of 8 chemo sessions is complete and Keanu’s bone marrow is still clean, there is no trace of cancer in his bones and the 2 tumors shrunk and can be surgically removed soon.

In addition to chemotherapy, surgery and stem cell transplantation, one of the newest forms of treatment is Immunotherapy, which uses medicines to help a patient’s own immune system fight cancer. This type of treatment is not available in South Africa and would be crucial to avoid a relapse.

The #Cure4Keanu campaign is aimed at raising funds to allow Keanu to travel overseas to have Immunotherapy and give him a fighting chance. The family is currently exploring various options abroad, but the first quotation received from Hospitals in the USA amounted to over R15million at the MSK clinic in New York. The Harley Street Children’s Hospital in London quoted 150 000GBP for the first round of treatments, excluding follow-ups, travelling and international living expenses.

Please support us in raising funds to give this little boy a fighting chance.