Stephan Visagie

Not even his parents knew that he started singing, but when Stephan Visagie decided to take his singing career further, his talent as a songwriter was discovered. He only started taking singing lessons when he was 30 and has a wide taste in music. Chris Coetzer identified Stephan’s singing talents and urged him to take it further. Out of the 14 songs on his album 4 Keeps – eight was written by the artist. His focus on love songs. According to Maroela Media 4 Keeps was no.17 on the Top 20 albums which was released in 2013. The list was compiled by radio stations across South Africa’s hit parades. With albums such as 4 Keeps and Kronkelpad it could not be any different as these albums were regularly frequented on community radio. In the Western Cape Stephan was nominated as the singer/writer of the year by Bokradio’s Bokkies 2013. He was nominated in the categories best Newbie & song of the year in May 2014 during Huisgenoot’s Tempo Awards, as newbie of the year.

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